The Health Companion for Heart Patients - the iATROS App

Our app combines all components needed to ensure the comprehensive treatment and care of cardiovascular diseases such as atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, heart failure or coronary heart disease.



The iATROS App enables the permanent monitoring of all important vital parameters as well as the recording of ECGs. The data can be shared automatically with the doctor if you wish.

Digital Therapy Plan

Our digital therapy plan centrally combines all activities that are necessary for the successful treatment or containment of your disease: medication, exercises, measurements and regular patient feedback.

TeleDoctor Access

iATROS is backed by real cardiologists. In case of acute need - or in targeted coaching sessions - your personal physician and other qualified iATROS physicians will be available promptly for video consultation hours.

Download the App

Our mobile application is tailored for heart patients and was developed by experienced cardiologists. It helps you to master the daily handling of common heart diseases.