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We make your health smart …

… with Digital Health Programs! Integrate your health trackers, get automated vital parameter monitoring and have 24/7 access to your personal doctor.

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Therapy & Medication Plan

Track progress of your rehabilitation and give feedback to your doctors. Also included: reminders to take your medications and automated checks for possible medication collisions.

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Smart Sensor Diagnostics

Import your ECG from Apple Smart Watch or Withings Move to get instant feedback about how you are doing

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Cardio Pass

The practical and always up-to-date overview of cardio data to handover in case of emergency. Here the doctor can easily find all your important (progress) data at a glance that are relevant for initiating the right treatment.

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Vital Parameter Database

Have all your tracked vital parameters (blood pressure, sugar, heart rate, pulse etc.) automatically stored in your personal database and challenge the WHO recommendations

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24/7 TeleDoctor

Always have access to your doctor no matter where you are and what time it is - that's what modern healthcare looks like.


E-Health Record

Have all of your important documents and vital data stored in one safe place and share with doctors if necessary


Mr. B's Experience with iATROS


Visit to the Doctor

Mr. B is hospitalized due to heart problems. After having found the cause, his doctor prescribes Mr. B the right medication as well as a therapy plan for the upcoming months.


Initiation of Treatment

Mr. B is happy that his doctor made a precise diagnosis, but is worried. What happens if the problem recurs after he leaves the hospital? How can he monitor his heart? How can he directly and quickly contact a doctor for advice in case of a new problem, ideally 24/7 and independently of location?


Longterm Relationship

His doctor understands Mr. B’s worries and subscribes him to the iATROS Digital Health Program. Now Mr. B has all his vital parameters as well as the therapy and medication tasks digitally available on his smartphone.


Smart Data Analysis & Exchange

Whenever anomalies occur, Mr B. is now automatically warned by alerts, can take remote measurements by himself and directly share all the results with his doctor.


Always the right Advice

Depending on the severeness of each occuring alert, Mr. B can have his medication & therapy plan remotely adapted, instantly receive electronic prescriptions, talk to a doctor 24/7 and also have appointments settled quickly – if necessary. Mr. B is happy to have iATROS and feels safe and secure.

Take Control of your Health

Our Digital Health Programs offer clear benefits over traditional medical treatment - taking your recovery to the next level and putting your wellbeing first.

Guided Treatment

Every patient history is individual and so should be the prescribed treatment. Thanks to our data-based approach you are provided with the best possible treatment, exactly tailored to your needs. The best part of our Digital Health Programs: every step is explained, supervised & adapted to your performance by our doctors.


Safety & Convenience

The core of our service is to make you feel safe and provide the most convenient treament possible. This is enabled by our smart algorithms which passively monitor your vital parameters the whole day. In case any of your vital parameters deviate from your target state, you can always talk to your doctor immediately - 24/7.


100% Transparency

Another great benefit of using our Digital Health Programs lays in the field of transparency. With iATROS you always have all of your relevant medical data at hand and visualized. Keep track on your progress and immediately be aware of any occuring changes or tendencies. It's about time to easily access your own medical data.

Our Partners


Medical Valley EMN e.V.

As an international cluster of excellence Medical Valley unites key players from business, science, healthcare and politics to create synergies and support innovations. The resulting accumulated technology and problem-solving competency is used to develop and market effective solutions tailored to suit global market demands.


Isarklinikum Munich

The Isar Heart Center offers comprehensive prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. A team of internationally renowned heart specialists has been recruited from some of the most prestigious University Hospitals to form a unique Heart-Team at the Isar Medical Center.


MedTec Pharma e.V.

Forum MedTech Pharma is a charitable non-profit making association - incorporated society. The network is forming a unique platform for business contacts and knowledge exchange. We successfully facilitate innovation and co-operation in the medical sector.

Our Customers


For hospitals we offer a full-service telemedicine solution (incl. iATROS doctors) and our software-only package.

  • Improvement of care quality through continous monitoring
  • Early-stage identification of changes in therapy & medication plan
  • Data-based quality management ensuring therapeutic success
  • Increased patient-loyalty through long-time relationship​
  • Full cost control without up-front investments
  • Active guidance of patient & relieve of emergency admission

Nursing Homes

Perfectly tailored to the needs for elderly care, iATROS offers modular solutions to be used in inpatient and outpatient care.

  • 24/7 monitoring and medical treatment of risk patients increases wellbeing of patients and decreases mortality rate​
  • Increased predictability saves valuable working time of professional caregivers​
  • Decrease of unnecessary visits at doctors or emergency admissions​
  • Competitive advantage through image boost towards staff and relatives
  • No need for up-front investments or IT know-how


Our executive solution is the ideal choice for international top managers seeking for holistic care and mobile access to specialists.

  • Cost savings due to reduction of unncessary emergency or check-up travels
  • Immediate ad-hoc tele-appointments to the right specialist for your questions
  • Unlimited second-opinion calls if you are in doubt about an existing diagnosis
  • Exclusive access to our concierge-network – always have the best doctors and clinics arranged, including travel and accomodation

What are you waiting for?

Take full control of your health and join our Digital Health Programs today!

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